Pork Satay in Bali is a common delicacies. Sold in both, modern & traditional food vendors all over the island. Satay or Sate in Indonesian Bahasa, popular for many eventful happenings. People would gather and prepare the marinations hours before with friends and families alike.

Speaking of marination, as process of soaking foods in a seasoned liquid before cooking, quite common in Indonesian cooking. The spice culture are strong in every part of the country. Something that I sometimes missed while living in Finland. It’s not so easy to get a hand on spiced food in this country unless I order online. Which can be pricy.

So when I have a sufficient free time I love making Indonesian food from scratch. This is where I cooked Tempe in Finland. You might want to click this link to see how I bought my best Tempe with some simple Indonesian Tempe recipes. Lucky for me, I can find all of the ingredients in Finland. Yes, even a WONDERFUL Tempe quality can easily be found here. You just need a little searching through online informations.

My only problem was that most of a great Indonesian flavours can only be acquire with certain type of cooking which aren’t necessary possible for my apartment-lifestyle. Luckily I get enough information about an old product of Russell Hobbs called Cyclofry.

This item is a 22101-56 series of Cyclofry, an air fryer that are useful for me in creating my many Indonesian recipes in an apartment in Finland. Pretty easy to use and ranged from 140 euros to 155 euros. Quite reasonable because some of the parts can’t be washed in dish washing machine. For more information please watch my videos in this link. I have the unboxing videos, differences between air fryer & traditional oven, to Indonesian recipes all with English subtitles.

Now that you know what kind of tools I’m using, here are my Balinese Pork Recipe!

Portion : 4 portions

Cooking level : Medium

Time : More than 5hrs to make

Ingredients : – For 500g of Pork Neck

*To be blend =

  1. 60 gr shallot
  2. 30 gr Garlic
  3. 1 tbs coriander seeds
  4. 8 gr alpinia galanga
  5. 8 gr kaempferia galanga
  6. 3 gr turmeric
  7. 8 gr ginger
  8. 1-2 pcs chilli pepper preferably the big red cubanelle
  9. 5-6 pcs candlenut

*Extra ingredient while sautee

  1. 3-5 pcs lime leaves
  2. 2-3 pcs coconut sugar
  3. 1 dl water
  4. 1 dl margarine
  5. 2 tbs cooking oil


  1. Blend all of the 1st ingredients finely

2. Sautee that paste and adds *Extra ingredients.

3. Let the liquid reduced and cool down

4. Cut the satay meat accordingly and mixed well with the spice paste

5. Let it marinating for at least 5 hours. I did it overnight.

6. Assemble the meat in your skewers.

7. Cook for 15-16 minutes

8. Ready to eat! You can eat them just like that or adding cooked rice, potato salads or Sambal.

For a nice juicy meat, I cooked for 15 minutes but you can always put it in 16 minutes so it will be dry ( See picture #8). A typical Indonesian meat are dry, similar to that.

Please give this recipe a try! It’s so easy and tasty!

How long can you keep this meal?

I froze this for 1-2 months. The flavour are still intact and I can defrost them in microwave for 1,5 – 2 minutes. Note that in order to be able to froze something, the meat has to be fresh or never been frozen before.

And if this tutorial too fast for you, you can always watch the video on my youtube channel = Finlandia Dan Aku

References :

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  3. Practiced by admin = Khatarina Puspitasari, an Indonesian born in Indonesia. Now living permanently in Finland. She is a chef graduated from Suomen Diakoniaopisto in Helsinki. Worked at the Jamie Oliver’s Deli in Finland: Jamie’s Deli, in International Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Now at Staffpoint, Finland. Her kitchen is a standard Skandinavian built-in kitchen with 4 stoves, 1 oven and 1 cooking hood.


Khatarina was not provided with a free product in return for her honest review. All thoughts and opinion express herein are her own and not influenced by the developing company, and/ or it’s affiliates, in any way.