Lumene Kirkas (clarity) Clarifying Toner 200 ml

Skincare are probably one of the best invention to help women stays civilized during our travels. How does this tropic-born woman stays moisturized in the cooler Nordic?


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I have been using daily is Lumene Clarifying Toner for Normal & Combination Skin, Kirkas (Clarity). It suited best for my skin which character are mostly combination and tends to get hyper pigmentation. I think it’s my 5th bottle already and so far I am pleased with it. They changed the packages about half year ago but I stick to this non-Parabens formula. In the light that many of cleaning products gets rebottled or even discontinued, I am making this review as to keep up to speed on the skincare habits.

The 200 ml package of Lumene. Pardon the red smudge on the left 😀 I have been using this so much if not daily.

It has a nice fuss-free, easy to use toner (just apply with a cotton pad after cleansing). Good for speedy cleansing in-between activities and works gently for a rather sensitive skin like mine. This product is aqua based and contains fragrance so you should consider that for your skin.

This is how I use Lumene clarifying toner: I put toner on a cotton pad.

When you are having more time on a day, I suggest that you also use other cleaning products. For me this Lumene works best after my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cleanser gel. I tend to build up whitish dirt on the side of my nose, yes, even after that so called pricey product. But after I combined that facial cleanser with this Lumene, I feel refreshed and my skin doesn’t feel sticky. Bonus, one of the beauty advisor in Kiehl’s actually told me that it is not unheard of. Just mix the ultra pricey stuff with your main squeeze, your skin (and your wallet) will love it still.

I bought this Lumene Clarifying Toner one at Sokos – Emotion Store in Helsinki for about 8 euros when they were having a discount weekend. You can found them here for 9,50 euros. a pretty good bargain!

Lumene Clarifying Toner

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