Fried chicken in an air fryer super crispy : less oil but tasted delicious! Crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside.

So, I won’t share too much unnecessary details because if you were like me, you want to eat that chicken right away. Here it goes!

The main important thing for your airfried chickens are your marination and cereal. Here in Finland we can find marinated chicken in the markets. If you don’t find marinated chicken, you can also buy ready-to-use spice paste in shops. These days we can find almost all kind of spice paste from Curry, Rendang to Barbeque Style marination paste. Make sure you put that marination in your chicken in the suggested time!

For the cereals, choose the ones that has strong taste you like most. Either sweet, spicy, sour or salty. This will determined the taste of your crunch. Mix them together and crush if necessary. Sometimes people wanted bigger crispy skin or a smaller crisp. I’m using the basic Kellogg’s cornflakes cereal in this recipe. I wanted a plain light sweet flavor that day. I’m using this corn-based cereal also to get that wonderful orange colour.

Tools I am using is the Cyclofry Plus from Russell Hobbs. For more details, please click this link. You will read more about it in my old post about Balinese Pork Satay Recipe I made. You can also use other brands for this recipe, of course. I’m a sucker for deep fried food and foods in skewers, hence I am using this particular tool. Haha!

Now on to our chickens!

Firstly, do the chicken marination first. Don’t skip this proccess. Make sure your chickens are fully marinated because this is the first chance to fully flavour them. So here it is I’m doing mine first.

I blend all my spices into a nice paste

I simmer my paste in medium heat until it is fully cooked. You will know that the paste smells differently (more fragrant) when it’s cooked.

Secondly, cook your chicken first! Here I recommend to cook the chicken before putting all the crisp because the nature of chicken. I do not want any Salmonella infections anywhere.

Then I add the chickens, letting it for 40 minutes in medium heat.

Then I take it out of the kettle. This chickens are now 100 % cooked.

Thirdly, put your crunch well! I love a super crispy fried chicken so, I used and crushed my corn cereal beforehand.

So now I put the crisp. First I dipped my chicken in a butttermilk. I’m using chopstick but you can always use tongs.

Straight to the crunch!
Now it’s the perfect time to cover your chicken with the crunch. You can use two methods: 1. sprinkle.

or methods 2.

Put the crunches in a box and put your chicken, close the lids and shake it well.

For more details click this video on my Youtube Channel : Finlandia Dan Aku

And now it is ready to be air fried!

Finally, the most important part!

We need only to cook the mixture of buttermilk and the cereal. 5 minutes are enough. Oh, and pardon the photo quality, Finland is almost bright all the time these months ^.^

And this is what we’ve been waiting for!

Gorgeous! This is my absolutely favourite fried chicken with less oil and easy to make too!

Shelf Life :

  • Like any fried chicken, this airfried ones are also best served while warm. But after that, you can keep them sealed and tightly in your fridge. The crust can sometimes becomes soggy, though.

Sources :

  1. Inspired by Yuda Bustara, an Indonesian star chef living in Jakarta.
  2. Recooked by admins = Khatarina Dian, an Indonesian cook living in Finland. She graduated from Suomen Diakoniaopisto in Helsinki. Worked at the Jamie Oliver’s Deli in Finland: Jamie’s Deli, in International Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Now at Staffpoint, Finland. Her regular kitchen is a standar country house with 1 oven, 4 stoves dan 1 exhaust hood.


Khatarina Dian was not provided with a free product in return for her honest review. All thoughts and opinion express herein are her own and not influenced by the developing company, and/ or it’s affiliates, in any way.