Hi there!

My name is Khatarina! Welcome to my blog ūüôā

I’m an Indonesian girl currently living in¬†Finland. Documenting every detail about Finland for me & my families.¬†This will also be the extension of information, travel diary and distribution of my creation. Half of the profit from this blog will be used to help building a library and health access for the people in Alor Region in Indonesia.

So, what can you expect from here :

  • JOURNEY ¬†= ¬†Stories from my journal in life and love.
  • STYLE = ¬†Evolving passion about fashion and beautiful curvaceous woman.
  • CREATION ¬†= ¬†I believe in creating a better life for our future generations, here I am sharing it with you.
  • SHOP ¬†= ¬†Sustainable trading platform from me to you
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